Funeral Basket Yellow and White
Funeral Basket Pink & White
Funeral Basket Purple, Blue & White
Funeral BasketPink & Purple
Funeral BasketGreen & White
Funeral Basket Country Style
Funeral Basket Large White & Green
Based Cross White and Red
Based Cross Pink
Based Cross White
Based Cross Yellow
Based Cross Blue & White
Based Cross Purple & Lilac
Loose Cross Pink & Green
Loose Cross White & Green
Spray Lillies White and Green
Spray Roses Red and Green
Open Gates
Teddy Bear
Mum 1
Anchor Designs
Letter A to Z
Loose Pink and White
Loose Heart Cream and White
Loose Heart Red and White
Loose Heart Yellow and White
Loose Heart Blue and White
Based Heart Blue and White
Based Heart Yellow and White
Based Heart Green and White
Based Heart Pink and White
Based Heart Lilac and Purple
Based PillowRed and White
Based Pillow Purple and Lilac
Based Pillow Pink and White
Based Pillow Blue and White
Spray Pink and Burgandy
Spray Yellow , Gold and Cream
3 Rose Sheaf Red
3 Rose Sheaf White
3 Rose Sheaf Pink
3 Rose Sheaf Yellow
6 Rose Sheaf White
6 Rose Sheaf Pink
6 Rose Sheaf Yellow
6 Rose Sheaf Red
12 Rose Sheaf Pink
12 Rose SheafRed
Mixed Sheaf PInk and White
Mixed Sheaf Yellow and White
Wreath Leaf Edging Blue & White
Florist choice basket *
Casket Spray Double Ended
Cross with Spray
Cushion Loose
Heart Based Red and White
Mum Tribute
Nan Letters
Pillow Loose
Posy Based
Posy Loose
Single Ended Funeral Spray
Wreath Based with Spray
Wreath Pastel
Delicate Pastel Coffin Spray
Summer Garden Coffin Spray
Warm Sunshine Coffin Spray
Sea Breeze
Sumptuous Lily Hand tied *
Ice Cream Sundae
Summer Garden
Classic Sheaf.
Pink and Purple Sheaf.
Pink Wreath.
DAD lettering.
A Dozen Yellow Roses
A Dozen Red Roses Gift Bag*
Lavish Rose and Lily*
Simply Vintage* *
Dreamy Days
Sweetness and Light *
Pink Massed Wreath
Funeral Posy
Florist Choice Open Wreath
Florist Choice Massed Wreath
Florist Choice Handtied
A Dozen White Roses
Two Tone Letters
Golden Sunshine
Yellow Rose & Lily*
Dried Flower Bouquet
Florist Choice Aqua Hand Tied
Single Ended Spray Pink
Box of 12 Luxury Chocolates
Something Special
Perfect Pinks